NaNoWriMo Day 3: Survival Tip of the Day

Many of my friends and acquaintances are currently in the midst of the sheer madness that is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  The goal: to write a book (yes, sir, that’s right a whole book) in (gasp) 30 days!

As you can imagine, when writing an entire novel in 30 days, a lot of things will fall by the wayside. A person is forced to give up many things, including sanity, to make time for writing. One thing that causes a lot of stress is meals. You can give up many things for 30 days, but eating isn’t one of them. Some of you have families to cook for, some are only looking after yourselves. Whichever the case your NaNoWriMo meals should be stress free. And so, I give you my NaNoWriMo tip of the day (part tip, part recipe):

Slow cooker cooking: Easy Slow Cooker Korean Beef For those in the know, cooking in a slow cooker can’t be beat. With the easiest of recipes, sometimes it’s a dump & run preparation. Now, if you’re the kind of parent who serves only natural, organic, non-GMO meals, well…I can’t help you. I’m the kind of parent who admires my effort and dedication if I offer a meal that hasn’t been purchased as a value meal combo.

So, for a really tasty, seems-like-someone-made-an-effort meal, that won’t get in the way of your NaNoWriMo progress I recommend this recipe. To save steps I bought pre-cut steak and served with fast cooking rice.



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